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Order Curtains in Less Than 5 Minutes

Confused on how to order curtains? We’ve got you covered. We know how daunting the task of selecting curtain panels can be… what size, style, etc. Where to start? How do you measure? We are covering all the basics. Today we are going to share with you three ways to order curtain panels for your space.

March 24, 2023
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Fashion Week 2023 Inspiration

Fashion Week is always a spectacular event, showcasing the latest and greatest in fashion design. New up and coming designers, and our beloved OGs all gather to showcase this season’s innovative designs. We've curated a free Fashion Week Sample Pack using fabric swatches inspired by this year's designs.

February 24, 2023
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5 of our Favorite Winter Patios

Winter is in full swing and we are feeling it! What better way to enjoy your home to the fullest than by creating a cozy outdoor oasis to enjoy during these chilly months? We love the idea of maximizing outdoor space, no matter the season! There is no need to stay inside all season. Instead, get warm by the fire pit or cozy up with a thick throw blanket and get inspired by these winter patio ideas!

January 20, 2023
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Matching Sunbrella Luxury Vinyl Fabric with Paint Colors Using Samplize

If you are like us, searching for the perfect paint color can be a painstaking process. It makes it an even more complicated process when you are also trying to pull together fabric to match. This is why we always offer complimentary Sunbrella samples to our customers.

December 2, 2022
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Why Sunbrella Curtains are Worth the Extra Money

Not only will Sunbrella curtains help to elevate your space and bring an element of luxury and style to your design but with their patented technology, you don't have to worry about fading, staining, or being limited by design choice.

November 4, 2022
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Pinterest-Worthy Autumn Outdoor Decor Ideas

Season's greetings! Looking to enjoy your outdoor space all year round? This time of year, we want every area of the home to feel enveloped in the seasonal splendor. Adding exterior curtain panels to your outdoor living area can help create a cozy and inviting environment that can be enjoyed throughout the colder months.

October 28, 2022
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Top 4 Cozy and Inviting Fall Curtain Decor Ideas

Fall is officially here! Let's dress the house. This time of year, we are all about making our homes as cozy as possible. This season, we are focusing on layering, mixing textures and patterns, and implementing the right color palette to create warmth in the home.

October 20, 2022
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Influencer Collaboration Highlights Black and White Modern Farmhouse Porch

Ever see a design that you wish you could easily replicate in your own home, but it's too difficult and time-consuming to source all the items? Our ongoing partnership with Instagram influencer Karon of Triple C Farmhouse aims to address this pain point.

October 18, 2022
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New Sunbrella Perspectives Collection is Here

The all-new Perspectives Collection by Sunbrella is here! This collection tells a story using new textures and constructions, novelty yarns and brightly colored, bold designs paired with muted, nuanced patterns. You could say that these fabrics merge nostalgia with modern sensibilities.

October 1, 2022
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Top 5 Sunbrella Outdoor Curtain Ideas

What is your favorite way to style Sunbrella outdoor curtains? We've rounded up some of the best outdoor curtain ideas to help inspire and guide you. Check out these top curtain projects now.

September 15, 2022
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Draw Inspiration From Our Custom Products Lookbook

It's here! The Patio Lane design lookbook showcases a collection of our custom products featured at hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, and other commercial properties.

June 17, 2022
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Discover Bahia + Odyssey: New Sunbrella European Fabrics

Looking to add character and dimension to your home with proven Sunbrella performance? You’ll want to consider two recently released European upholstery fabric collections that add beauty and personality to any indoor or outdoor space. When you choose Sunbrella textiles, you get complete water-repellent, stain- and mildew-resistant fabrics that are amazingly easy to clean.

March 24, 2022
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