Sunbrella Shift Fabric Patterns

Pillows left-to-right: Radiant Lagoon 69008-0003; Spotlight Azure 15000-0009; Integrated Pewter 69006-0006; Loft Wisteria 46058-0008; Connect Cosmic 58043-0000; Loft Crimson 46058-0009; Connect Fusion 58041-0000; Radiant Kiwi 69008-0005

Vibrant to muted colors and soft to durable textures, Sunbrella Fabrics has blessed us with 41 new fabric choices in 6 different patterns. What separates the Sunbrella Shift Fabric Collection from the rest is its integration with PVC yarns. The PVC yarns are very abrasion resistant, making it great for high traffic areas. The addition of this PVC yarn does not affect the performance that Sunbrella is known for. It passes all the tests as traditional Sunbrella and carries the same warranty.

Escapade is a pattern integrated with the new PVC yarns. It has a sturdy texture background with accents of brightly colored stripes. The durability of this fabric makes this great for commercial areas and it is available in 4 colors. On the other side of the spectrum is Loft, featured in 11 beautiful colors and incredibly soft. With solid colors and a chenille texture, this fabric adds an element of instant luxury. It’s also 100% Sunbrella acrylic.

This collection isn’t all solids and stripes however. Sunbrella Shift gives us an unusual take on a traditional palm leaf with Radiant. Merging the sheen of a metallic with soft subtle neutrals, Radiant is sure to turn heads. This fabric is Sunbrella acrylic integrated with accents of PVC giving it extra resilience and longevity.

The Sunbrella Shift Collection adds to the already vast and wonderful selection of fabrics already offered on Patio Lane. Homeowners looking to spruce up your patio for summer, business owners wanting to add unique accent colors or patterns to your offices or common areas, and anyone in between; Sunbrella Shift Collection offers something for everyone.

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