pantone color of the year 2018

pictured above: Robert Allen Soft Strie Beet 247168 Drenched Color Collection; Sunbrella by Silver State Bazaar Plumberry Artisan Tribe Collection; Lulu DK Sunbrella Bailey LD Plum 32201LD-5; Sunbrella by Silver State Crossroads Violet Global Beat Collection

It’s the color that everyone is talking about. It’s been named the Color of the Year for 2018. It’s Pantone’s Ultra Violet. The “color authorities” over at Pantone sent reps all around the globe in search of color signals in food, fashion, cars, cosmetics, and more. When they reconvened and put together all their findings, they came up with this mindful, complex, and superbly futuristic purple color, appropriately named Ultra Violet.

It’s a color that rarely shows up in nature ensuing a sacred and precious reputation. Ultra Violet is associated with the mind, the body, imagination, and creativity. It’s a color of hope that brightens the world that seems to get darker and darker.

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