What's Trending With Sunbrella

What's Trending With Sunbrella

What are your predictions for Sunbrella's emerging trends? Here is what we’re seeing for trends in the home design and textile space.

Emerald Green Tones

Rich and moody, emerald green can deliver new depth to your spaces. It is refined, yet it can also contribute to feelings of growth and energy – perfect for the year ahead. Explore incorporating rainforest hues and imagery in deep emerald green tones.

Sunbrella emerald green tones
Sunbrella fabrics pictured: Tropics Jungle, Canvas Forest Green, Cast Petal, Agra Classic

Pastel Palettes

Soothing, softer tones bring about a feeling of serenity to a space. Pastel palettes lend themselves well in children’s rooms and can add a sense of curiosity and wonder. They can also be incorporated into main living areas to invoke a calming aura.

Sunbrella pastel palettes
Sunbrella fabrics pictured: Hybrid Sky, Spectrum Mist

Abstract Shapes & Geometric Patterns

With a nod to all things retro, geometric shapes are making a comeback in decor and clothing. Consider a throwback to the 80’s and 90’s with abstract shapes to add a punch of fun to your decor.

Sunbrella abstract and geometric patterns
Sunbrella fabrics pictured: Canvas Navy, Midori Stone, Lido Indigo

Warm & Natural Textures

Add a welcoming embrace to your home with earthy hues and textures. These warm, sunbaked tones are back on trend and can bring the feeling of nature indoors, while keeping spaces feeling fresh.

Sunbrella warm and natural textures
Sunbrella fabric pictured: Echo Ash

Marble Patterns

The classic marble pattern is sure to be a hit, with no signs of its popularity slowing down. With its elegant veining and organic form, marble fabrics can be integrated into most color palettes seamlessly and without the upkeep. There is a good reason it’s a classic!

Sunbrella marble pattern
Sunbrella fabric pictured: Marble Snow

RETWEED Collection

Sunbrella’s RETWEED Collection is a sustainable line of performance fabrics containing primarily recycled content. These fabrics give the textural appearance of hand-loomed textiles, and no two rolls are alike. Place these fabrics thoughtfully throughout your home to evoke the look of vintage tweed tailoring.

Sunbrella RETWEED Collection

What do you think about these emerging trends? Are there any you would incorporate into your decor? Hopefully this list will help inspire and guide your next Sunbrella project!

December 28, 2021
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