New Sunbrella Perspectives Collection is Here

New Sunbrella Perspectives Collection

The all-new Perspectives Collection by Sunbrella is here! This collection tells a story using new textures and constructions, novelty yarns and brightly colored, bold designs paired with muted, nuanced patterns. You could say that these fabrics merge nostalgia with modern sensibilities.

Each motif in the Perspectives Collection comes to life through the lens of dimensional texture, carefully considered color arrangements, and woven effects to extend visual interest. Rib weaves, chunky bouclé yarns, and embroidered linework effects add softness and warmth that layer seamlessly with the collection's corresponding patterns.

Sunbrella Perspectives Collection

All the fabrics in this collection coexist in harmony with each other and the existing portfolio of Sunbrella fabrics, creating unique points of view that showcase distinct atmospheres and aesthetics.

As per the usual, free Sunbrella samples are available. Explore the new Perspectives Collection today!

October 1, 2022
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