Dimension Collection - New Sunbrella Contemporary Patterns

Dimension Collection - New Sunbrella Contemporary Patterns
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Become acquainted with the newest Sunbrella Collection, Dimension. This collection is grounded in the fact that fresh is not mutually exclusive with new. Dimension stands firm that creative potential is manifested by recycling, adding to, and repurposing existing objects with fabric.

This new and creative assortment of fabrics uses color, texture, and pattern to blend existing collections such as Elements, Shift, and Makers together. Each pattern introduces innovative color combinations and complex weave structures as Depth, Sunbrella's "chunkiest" weave yet that mixes natural and bright tones while maintaining a consistent deep texture.

Dimension fills the space between old and new. It creates an aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the collections that came before it while being tasteful enough to stand on its own.

Shop the contemporary Sunbrella Dimension Collection at Patio Lane today.

July 22, 2019
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