pillows in pantone's 2016 colors of the year

Pictured above: left to right: Vervain Beaucastel Primrose 5017704; Duralee Blossom 32438-122; Duralee Flamingo 32714-93; Lee Jofa 2011102-73 Racy Lacey-Scallop Pink by Lilly Pulitzer; Trend 01863-Blush 799422; Fabricut Elmley-Berry 371607; Duralee Pink/Green 32261-700; Clarke & Clarke Daisy-Pink F0364-5

It's a boy! And a girl!

The Pantone Color Lab asks its designers and manufacturers every year to set the trends that will lead us all to create amazing decor with the perfect tints and shades. For 2016, the results of the blessed event were twins: pale pink and baby blue. Pantone wants to help guide you towards evoking a certain mood when choosing indoor/outdoor decor fabric, and Patio Lane is here to help.

A closer look at Pantone 13-1520 (known as rose quartz) and 15-3919 (now called serenity) shows the pale colors' versatility and calm, soothing palette; "an antidote to the stress of modern day lives," Pantone said in a press release. That's always something to think about when coming up with the perfect design for any space — an intimate alcove to curl up and read a good Kindle or a conversation spot for friends to catch up. Indoors or out, fabric choices for cushions, pillows and upholstery always circle back to the same question: how does this color scheme make me feel? In the stressful world we often find ourselves, we all should pay more attention to the places important to us and how we can make them more appealing while choosing durable, easy-to-clean fabric.

pillows in pantone's 2016 colors of the year

Pictured above: left to right: Lee Jofa Hadleigh-Blue; Clarke & Clarke Dupion-Ice F0066-31; Robert Allen Sunbrella Precocious Hydrangea 209584; Fabricut Beryl-Midnight by Charlotte Moss 1941005; Kravet Design Sunbrella 25831-503 Spotlight-Lagoon; Duralee Cornflower 32714-55; Vervain Chapelle Delft 513807; Sunbrella Canvas Air Blue 5410-0000

Patio Lane is your go-to guru to custom fabricate pillows and cushions perfectly in line with your design vision — whether you decide to consider Pantone's new recommendations or simply send us to your Pinterest design boards where our in-house consultants will work with you to make all your spaces - personal or shared - somewhere you want to return to again and again.

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