Isabelle de Borchgrave

above top to bottom: Fabricut Borchgrave-Curry 4609912; Fabricut Cheval-Canyon 4603701; Fabricut Context-Chili 4606104

isabelle de borchgrave paper dressPaper is torn, crumbled, painted, and glued, piece by piece, to create each historically accurate seam, button, hem, and stitch.

Artists are often known for the medium they use, so you may be excused for thinking that Isabelle De Borchgrave’s works are limited to exhibition-worthy dresses so remarkably ornate that it presses the mind to think they aren’t made of starched cottons and rich swatches of silk, satin, and velvet but rather one household item: paper.

Isabelle’s talent runs deep. She is said to have been born with a pencil in her hand, drawing and painting constantly from a young age and even offering free art lessons to her school friends. Isabelle's love of painting turned to her unique, historically-accurate painted paper dresses. And eventually her gorgeous hand-painted fabric designs.

Isabelle lets her knack for artistry across many media shine bright in a new fabric collection from Fabricut. Imagine pillows, couches, and drapes wrapped in her earthy, rich textures and exquisite patterns—circles, chevrons, Chinese hand fans, ikat designs, and floral motifs. Each is offered in one of three soft, traditional palettes: Canyon (an earthy reddish brown), Mulberry (reddish purple), and Ocean (grayish-blue).

The symbolic nature of this new Fabricut collection reflects her interest in the interpretive and somewhat primitive Nabis movement. Full of life, Isabelle De Borchgrave imprints a little of herself in more than 100 fabulous multipurpose, drapery, and upholstery fabrics—without a piece of paper in sight.

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