We did receive the cushions. They are perfect!"

˜ Suzanne

Thank you, I was able to easily place my order. Your website is great. The questions I asked about yardage and eye holes on sewing needles (yep, I need to know how thick the thread is) were answered efficiently and quickly. Well done."

˜ Mary

It was perfect; very pleased with the quality and color of the fabric."

˜ Jane Demler

Everything arrived in great shape and the new cushions look wonderful Thank you"

˜ Carolyn

The box with the 2 chaise cushions and 2 pillows arrived today and they are WONDERFUL!!!! We are very pleased! Thank you so much!!!"

˜ Patty

My custom cushion came today and it is Perfect!!! Love the detail, very professionally done. I would not hesitate to order from your company again. Delivery service was wonderful and went very smooth. The driver was VERY helpful and sweet. Thank you for all your help."

˜ Karen

Just wanted to thank you again for your good service. I got the tarp back. It fits just fine. I may have to have some chafe patches installed after I see how much there is. But, overall, it was just what I wanted. The price was fair, lots less than I could have had a similar one made for at home. You guys do good work!!! "

˜ Alan

Good job with the Sunbrella custom panel, as ordered thanks."

˜ Stuart

Thank you so very much. Your quick response is so much appreciated. Was GREAT working with all of you."

˜ Debbie F.

Yes, I will absolutely come back to buy from your store when I have outdoor fabric need. I know that you care for your customers and I like that. Thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it! Thanks Jeremy!"

˜ Kelly

Thank you so much! Your customer service, product quality and promptness in shipping purchased goods were the best, and I will always do business with you!"

˜ Mary R.

WOW! You got my Sunbrella tarp done early! I really, really appreciate that.Thank you!"

˜ Vincent

Jeremy, We are very pleased with the Sunbrella tarp. You folks did a great job on it -- exactly what we were looking for! Thanks,"

˜ Jim

Dear Jeremy, I am writing this to thank you for the exceptional customer service I received when placing a small order with you yesterday. I had purchased Forest Green Sunbrella Fabric to reupholster and replace boat cushions for a friend. The promised completion date was tomorrow, in time for Memorial Day weekend. Earlier this week I found myself short by three yards of fabric. I phoned every Home Decor Store, including the one where I originally purchased the fabric, within about o 75 mile radius...including Northern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania- the Philadelphia area etc. Needless to say I was traded to many disconnected calls, poor service and bad attitude from many major chains and even private stores. No one had it in stock and no one was willing to go any further. I could special order it and it would take 10 days to 2 weeks, most likely more with the Holiday. I logged on to the internet and you website, got the phone number and called. Not only did you very expeditiously find it in your warehouse in stock, but offered to check for a location closer to Allentown Pennsylvania to avoid paying large over night costs. You called me back immediately and said that you too could not find it in stock anywhere closer, but would be sure to get it out overnight mail for the $40+ mailing charge. This was at 3 PM, yesterday. With the current price of gas, the delivery charge was actually less than it would have cost me to drive to a more local (1 hr) retailer. The fabric arrived, as promised sometime before noon today. And its arrival was verified by a personal follow up phone call from you. Exceptional, much appreciated. I can't thank you enough for resolving a very frustrating situation with such grace, ease and professionalism. I trust you will forward this e-mail to your up line manager. They should value your performance as equally as I do. Sincerely,"

˜ Elaine S.

Thank you again, that sunbrella fabric is very cool, we spilled coffee on it and it did not stain it just sort of rub off! Pretty amazing. Thank you again!"

˜ Sandra, CAD/Designer, BE Business Environments

I received my order #3151 in record time... thank you."

˜ Heidi

Thank you. You folks are the best.... so easy!! Best regards,"

˜ Dee R.

This is what I call excellent customer service thank you for the quick response, if a problem arises handle it as quickly as possible and make sure that the customer is satisfied you don't always see thistoday."

˜ B. E. - Eastern Utility Region Operations Manager

PS I love your fast service and will order all sunbrella products from you in future."

˜ Christine

Thank you very much. My order arrived this evening."

˜ Carol

As a new customer I would like to say thank you and Happy New Year. Doing business with your company was so refreshing to know as a older women there are still people that go out of their way to help you. I felt so blessed to find your company. Your employees are wonderful and the two gentleman I spoke to were Jeremy and Thomas."

˜ Dorothy L. - Graford, TX

I always worry about first time purchases with companies I find on the internet. I am glad to know that yours is one I can trust. Thank you,"

˜ Tim

Good day Mr. Schechner, Let me first say thank you for responding with a telephone call... it was unexpected. Furthermore, your swift response to what was escalating into a mini disaster for me has left an indelibly favorable impact, and it is businesses such as yours that enjoy longevity from repeat and referred customers. I look forward to receiving my order for the Dri Fast Foam 2" x 52" x 59"" -50ILD Half Sheet, as well as continued business with your company in the very near future. Thank you for your kindness. It is truly appreciated. Sincerely,"

˜ Dianna E.

Thank you Jeremy for your prompt attention to this matter. Andrew was awesome to work with and I knew he wouldn't let me down on this. Again, thank you for setting the refund in motion, letting me know with a copy of the refund request. I was & remain very pleased with the business I did with eCentral Stores. Best regards,"

˜ Jennifer S.