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Sunbrella Rain

Sunbrella Rain

Let us make you Sunbrella® Cushions that dry within minutes

Particularly during the summer months, rain is an almost every day occurrence. It’s ruined BBQs, poolside parties, and even business for those with outdoor seating. One five minute rain storm can put a damper on your outdoor activities because let’s face it, no one wants to sit on wet cushions. Our Sunbrella Rain Quick-Dry Cushions easily solve this problem by using Sunbrella Rain Fabric.

Sunbrella Rain is a 100% waterproof version of Sunbrella upholstery fabric. With other fabrics it can take hours before cushions are dry and more than likely they are still damp when sat on because the filling inside also gets soaked. Our custom cushions made with Sunbrella Rain Fabric keep the rain on the outside where it’s meant to be. There is an added waterproof layer on the inside of the fabric. We use Aqua-Seal, a specialized thread that once it gets wet, it will expand in the sew holes, keeping moisture out.

bullnose/waterfall design encourages water run-off

Turn your cushions into Sunbrella Rain Quick-Dry Cushions and spend less time waiting for your seating to dry and more time enjoying the outside air. Commercial spaces with outdoor seating such as restaurants, hotels, condos, bars, and even theme parks can greatly benefit from Sunbrella Rain Quick-Dry Cushions. Don’t let a quick rain storm ruin business for the day. Simply dab the wetness off with a cloth and you’re good to continue.

Sunbrella Rain Quick-Dry Cushions are a little stiffer but just as comfortable as the normal Sunbrella cushions. Offering a variety of beautiful neutrals, stripes, and bold solids, Sunbrella Rain doesn’t skimp on style so you can be sure your cushions look great in any environment. Like other Sunbrella fabrics, Rain is bleach cleanable as well as mold, mildew, and fade resistant.

Important: Our Sunbrella Rain cushions are meant to be moisture controlled, as well quick drying, but we cannot guarantee they are waterproof. We've taken every precaution by using specialized water-absorbing thread to keep moisture out of the cushions. The actual Sunbrella Rain fabric is waterproof, but once we put holes in it during fabrication, there's always an opportunity for moisture to penetrate inside the cushion. If moisture does penetrate the cushion, standard polyurethane foam will act like a sponge and absorb it, taking much longer to dry than our EZ dry foam. With EZ dry foam, if water does penetrate, the cushion will dry within 20-30 minutes versus hours or days depending on how the weather is outside.

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