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Serge Ferrari Precontraint 542 Yellow Champagne 1088 Striped Awning Fabric

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Availability: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer


Serge Ferrari Precontraint 542 Yellow Champagne 1088 is a beautiful, striped outdoor performance fabric, delivering high tech solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Precontraint 542 technology provides dimensional stability, is heat sealable and resistant to weather condidtions for many years of beautiful outdoor design. Precontraint 542 is coated with clear varnish on the striped side and an alternating matte and glossy finish on the back. Serge Ferrari Precontraint 542 adds high design to awnings, canopies, umbrellas, pergolas and more. Serge Ferrari Precontraint Coating Technology provides minimal stretching and can withstand extreme temperature conditions and will keep the fabric tear and tensile strength stable over time. Precontraint 542 includes a polymer to add luster to the fabric and provide an easy to clean surface. Wash with water and detergent for regular maintenance.
  • Width: 70.8 inches (179.83 cm)
  • Collection Name: Precontraint 542
  • Color Name: Yellow Champagne
  • Fabric Colors: Grey, Olive, Yellow
  • Contents: High Tenacity Polyester with Biface Vinyl Coated and Clear Varnish Top Side
  • Finish Treatment: U.V. Resistant
  • Flame Resistant Codes : California State Fire Marshal Title 19
  • Product Weight: 17 oz per square yard
  • Put Up: 55 yard(s)

Additional Information

Application Awning - Shade - Marine
Brand Serge Ferrari
Fabric Collection Precontraint 542
Pattern Name Precontraint 542
Color Name Yellow Champagne
Fabric Design Stripes
Fabric Type polyester, vinyl
Contents High Tenacity Polyester with Biface Vinyl Coated and Clear Varnish Top Side
Product Width 70 inches (177.8 cm)
Put Up 55 yard(s)
Performance Heat Sealable, UV Resistant, Water repellent
Unit Yard(s)
Warranty PDF 8 Year
Cleaning PDF PDF Download

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