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DIY Green Wall Cable Trellis Kit - Hub System - 12 Sizes Available



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Trellis System Instructions

Designed to be unobtrusive and highly practical, the wires can be run horizontally and vertically to create a perfect trellis grid or you can use a combination to create a trellis system suited to your own needs. Our ready sized kits come with all the components pieces required to install a beautiful system that is perfect for creating a green wall, ideal for reinventing and adding style to walls and buildings.

Product Specs:

The Green Wall stainless steel wire trellis system is made up of a stainless steel wire 'hub' that allows the crossing and partial stressing and tensioning of cables to pattern trellis sections. Kits range from 3 ft. × 3 ft. up to 9 ft. × 9 ft.

12 Inch Spacing:

18 Inch Spacing:

12 inch Spacing:

Available OptionsTotal HubsTotal Wire (ft)Spacing (in)
3ft × 3ft Wire Trellis162412
6ft × 3ft Wire Trellis284512
6ft × 6ft Wire Trellis498412
9ft × 3ft Wire Trellis406612
9ft × 6ft Wire Trellis7012312
9ft × 9ft Wire Trellis10018012

18 inch Spacing:

Available OptionsTotal HubsTotal Wire (ft)Spacing (in)
3ft × 3ft Wire Trellis91818
6ft × 3ft Wire Trellis153318
6ft × 6ft Wire Trellis256018
9ft × 3ft Wire Trellis214818
9ft × 6ft Wire Trellis358718
9ft × 9ft Wire Trellis4912618

Plants and Spacing?

Vigorous climbing plants (e.g. Vitis, Wisteria) will cover an area nicely with the lattice squares spaced at 12 inch squares, however if you are planting less vigorous climbers (e.g. Lonicera, Clematis) it may be an idea to specify the smaller lattice squares of 12 inch.

Hub Spacing Options?

Our kits come in 12 inch lattice square spacings.

What is included?

All kits come with all the component parts for immediate installation: hubs, wire, screws, plastic wire caps and allen key.

What if I want a different design?

It is possible to create design variations to suit your own needs using the component parts. Please call us if you would like to talk about bespoke sizes or any aspect of your particular design ideas... narrow spaces, fan shapes, L shapes, even entire building sides.

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