Vervain decor fabric

left to right: Galliard Smoke 5109804; Campetti Fiesta 5104602; Hanami Brushed Gold 5026101 (drapes); Chantilly Linen 5028601 (chair); Esperance Amber 5104802; Bonneau Sunset 5105002

The ingenuity of today's interior design is often born of travel. European- and Asian-influenced colors and patterns can be found throughout Vervain's rich and energetic fabric collections by Barry Dixon and Charles Faudree. Brimming with batik essence, Castelli is an exotic, global print incorporating softly dyed blues, reds and browns with gentle cream and off-white tones. Fleur Exotique is a romantic and beautiful 100-percent cotton fabric filled with classic blooms and buds spread throughout a generous 24-inch repeat.

Known for exquisite updates on historical prints and patterns, Vervain boasts more than 1,600 interior decor, bedding, and drapery fabrics now available on Patio Lane. Celtic Linen solids can be paired with the flirtatious Tanzania animal prints of Charles Faudree. Finely detailed, Puycelsi in Persian Blue, falls stunning across a sunny window, with a gentle bedding ensemble of Sorbo or Soleil Velvet.

When Fabricut announced the launch of its luxury line of Vervain fabrics in 2004, the interior design industry immediately took notice. It was as if strokes of paint began to weave their way into everyday decor. Renowned designer Barry Dixon epitomized the aspirations of mixing past with present, introducing an elegant and distinct worldly aesthetic to Vervain and to the fabric industry as a whole. Vervain entered fabric scene, intent on filling the need for timeless prints.

We were inspired by centuries-old fabrics and created original designs by artistically interpreting prints and paintings into wovens." Nina Butkin, Vice President of Design

After a decade, Vervain is wholly in the limelight, offering signature collections including Venetian Silks and Windows One. Decidedly fashionable, each Vervain fabric is finely crafted and speaks to centuries-old hand-woven, wearable works of art.

Barry Dixon decor fabric

left to right: Puycelsi in Mango by Barry Dixon 5489404; Puycelsi in Dark Stem by Barry Dixon 5489402; Dromedary Woven Asparagus by Barry Dixon 5364410; Puycelsi in Persian by Barry Dixon 5489401; Dromedary Woven Linen by Barry Dixon 5364403 and Dromedary Woven Azure by Barry Dixon 5364406

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