Vern Yip neutrals

Fabrics shown: Duvet Front - Trend 03366-Black by Vern Yip 5295706; Big Pillows - Trend 03354-Pewter by Vern Yip 5281501; Center Throw Pillow - Trend 03359-Pewter by Vern Yip 5282706; Pillow Trim - Trend 03314-Gold by Vern Yip 5284804

Neutrals can be just as important to your interior design as the bright splash pieces. The Vern Yip collection on has a series of options that will fit your current design. Previously, we have discussed the "bright, happy fabrics for today's contemporary home." This time around, we’re focusing on the other end of the spectrum that utilizes the darker tones. Charcoal and grey offer a muted contrast that will highlight the other colors in your interior space.

These tones will quietly and unobtrusively tie your room together and keep the focus where you want it. Utilizing a well-placed charcoal or grey in your living room, dining area or bedroom will solidify your décor and maintain the personality of the space.

The beauty of this collection, though, is that grey and charcoal don’t have to be boring. Vern Yip offers numerous designs that are able to stand alone even in a traditionally neutral color.

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