Thomas Paul decor fabric

Pictured above: couch: Duralee Perch-Lilac 20965-45 with Duralee Bloom-Lavender 20962-43 on pillow; in big frame: Duralee Neptune-Persimmon 20957-33; bottom frames left-to-right: Duralee Bloom-Lavender 20962-43, Duralee Hedge-Chartreuse 20966-25, Duralee Plume-Plum 20960-95, Duralee Skimmer-Lavender 20964-43, Duralee Starburst-Aqua 20961-19

When noted fabric designer Thomas Paul puts his spin on traditional prints, an artistic revolution begins. The latest Thomas Paul collection from Duralee delivers a subdued palette filled with detailed line drawings of dragonflies, flowers, and birds. Twenty-four pretty prints come to life as over-sized decor fabric. Choose from muted colorways like Perch lilac, Skimmer lavender, or Botany aqua paired with cream or banana yellow solids to bring out the character aspects in each print.

Life Imitating Art through Fabric Design

The Thomas Paul Prints 2 collection touches on the curves and linear aspects of art nouveau. As a gifted artist, Paul walks us, thread by thread, through some of most colorful and significant periods of fabric design. His indoor-outdoor Pavilion Prints for Duralee, also available on Patio Lane, are filled with bold and imaginative ’60s mod patterns.

Here, a starburst works wonderfully next to an octopus, and both look elegant alongside a pansy-painted pillow. Whimsy aside, there is such detail and elegance to each one of the animals, insects, flowers, and leaves that Paul proves his master craftsmanship with every fabric.

My vision for the Thomas Paul brand has always been about combining classic design motifs from different periods in textile design. Incorporating anything from an 18th-century damask pattern to a camouflage print." Thomas Paul

The Thomas Paul Prints 2 collection represents his talent for carrying a powerful singular image through to a ready-to-wear home fabric. With his background in high fashion, Paul designs to a global drumbeat, capturing the essence of what is trending in Tokyo and Paris while creating timeless images in durable cotton and linen.

As one of Duralee's most successful designers, Thomas Paul is a tireless young trendsetter, with what many would call an "old soul." He has an eye towards bright pops of color, yet he understands the dynamics of traditional patterning and print scale. Plume, for example, speaks to the fluidity and movement of the great decorative curves of Klimt, Beardsley, and even Gallé. Yet, despite his attention to historical style, Paul's prints play well with today's contemporary architecture and furniture lines.

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