Let us make you cushions that withstand the rain

Patio Lane custom fabricates cushions with Sunbrella Rain

Waiting around for the sun to return after a rainstorm is a thing of the past with Sunbrella Rain fabric from Patio Lane. Don't put breakfast on hold until the morning mist burns off to enjoy a seat outside. Eliminate the drying time after wet weather and get your patio back.

It's not unusual to have brief sun showers that last just a few minutes during the summer months in the tropical climate of Florida. Now imagine if you're the business owner who just lost all your outdoor revenue because of a five minute dose of "liquid sunshine."

Don't lose out on all that seating just because of some raindrops; let Patio Lane outfit your outdoor area with cushions that won't take all day to dry out. Our cushions are completely moisture-free within minutes after a simple wipe-down.

A new set of Sunbrella Rain cushions adds not only functionality, but beauty to any outdoor area. Don't settle for vinyl, which isn't as comfortable and retains too much heat. These custom cushions are perfect not only for any restaurant with outdoor dining, but also a poolside area for a condo or hotel, or even your patio at home.

When you select any Sunbrella Rain fabric, our certified fabricators can create a set of cushions that will make the weather an afterthought.

Patio Lane custom fabricates cushions with Sunbrella Rain

Sunbrella Rain fabric cuts water off at the source, so there's no need to pick a filling which may be less comfortable to sit on. With Sunbrella Rain and our Patio Lane manufacturing, you can use any cushion filling you prefer. With our threading system and a back panel flap that allows air to flow through, moisture stays out of the actual cushion and on the exterior fabric where it can easily be brushed off, keeping your cushion lasting throughout many wet seasons.

As with any water-repellent fabric, Sunbrella Rain will be mildly stiffer than standard Sunbrella fabric. With that said, make plans to visit the Patio Lane showroom and test it for yourself. You'll be impressed at just how comfortable cushions made with Sunbrella Rain are. With function, comfort and style, Sunbrella Rain is just what you've been looking for to make your outdoor area shine after the clouds part.

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