F Schumacher 125th anniversary collection

Pictured above: Queen of Spain adorns the walls and curtains of Mick Jagger’s apartment in 1966.

Do you want the swagger of Mick Jagger or the rococo of Jackie O.? Celebrating its heritage, F. Schumacher now offers a renewed set of fine fabrics in the 125th Anniversary Collection. Mining its archives, Schumacher has pulled together an assortment of its greatest hits, a roundup of its most prized fabrics and wallcoverings. Some are nearly identical to the originals while others are re-imagined and re-interpreted. With quality and attention to detail, this collection adds a punctuation mark to a timeline that already includes a who’s who of trend setters, from Edith Wharton to Jacqueline Kennedy to Jennifer Lopez.

F Schumacher 125th anniversary collectionFirst produced in the 1970s, Iconic Leopard, a classic animal print, is bold and playful and has been reproduced on gorgeous linen.
F Schumacher 125th anniversary collectionShengyou Toile's inspiration comes from a 1785 pattern from a court painter for Marie Antoinette. It stands out further with its hand-drawn and -engraved craftsmanship. Also pictured: pillows in Shock Wave Midnight.
F Schumacher  125th anniversary collectionWith vibrant butterflies swirling around lemon blossoms, Citrus Garden is a new botanical pattern based off a design by Josef Frank in 1947.
F Schumacher  125th anniversary collectionThe sofas are adorned with a new, incredibly sumptuous chenille version of Serengeti (Tigre Blanc), while the screens feature a masterpiece of Art Deco design first introduced in 1927, Les Gazelles Au Bois-Noir.

A Parisian steeped in the traditions of fine French textiles and with a passion for beauty, Frederick Schumacher opened a design house in New York in 1889, giving birth to a legacy of style. He imported the most refined fabrics that Europe could offer: brocades and damasks of Catherine the Great and velvets fit for Louis XV. It is no wonder that Schumacher lined the walls of the Vanderbilt mansions, the Waldorf Astoria hotel, and, later, the acme of all interior decorating duties: the White House.

Schumacher’s Star-Studded Story

F Schumacher 125th anniversary collection

Theodore Roosevelt first stripped away the Victorian décor and replaced it with a satin lampas designed by Schumacher. Jackie Kennedy carried this tradition, bathing the walls of Blue Room in the appropriate tone.

Schumacher has continued to keep its hand on the pulse of fashion and a keen eye on cutting edge. As a result, it has become somewhat celebrity in its own right and has been woven into American culture, dotting the sets of I Love Lucy in Polka Dot Pony and lining the rooms in Hydrangea Drape alongside Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind. Here’s the chance to continue that tradition by weaving these fabrics into your own home.

F Schumacher 125th anniversary collection
F Schumacher 125th anniversary collection

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