exclusive Sunbrella patterns

Fabrics above, top to bottom: Sunbrella Fischer Dune 45885-0003; Sunbrella Accord Limelight #45922-0005; Sunbrella Fretwork Linden 45991-0004; Sunbrella Mojave Spruce 44207-0002; Sunbrella Accord Indigo #45922-0004; Sunbrella Blockstop Neo 145034-0000; Sunbrella Ovation Gravel 145150-0003; Sunbrella Insignia Tattoo 145042-0000

New Sunbrella exclusive fabrics have arrived and they are only available at very limited places, including Patio Lane! This new collection of semi-exclusive Sunbrella upholstery fabrics is full of diversity and offers a variety of patterns and styles worth checking out. From colorful checkered blocks to neutral whimsical florals. Each pattern is as attractive as the next.

With the exception of only a few, these semi-exclusive Sunbrella fabrics have an abundance of geometry; both simple and intricate. Sunbrella Mojave Spruce is a perfect example of a complex geometric pattern. Repeating, stylized diamond shapes are brought to life with powerful green and blue colors, great for adding a fresh, bold element to your interior design.

On the other side of the spectrum is the relaxed Sunbrella Ovation Gravel. With an organic swirl pattern and monochromatic beige color, this fabric is easy on the eye; which makes it a simple textile to integrate into most traditional, contemporary, and vintage décor styles. Sunbrella Blockstop Urban, introduces a pleasant balance between a bold geometric pattern and comforting natural colors, unifying both styles.

Neighbors will be perplexed and awed when they lay eyes on your new fabric choices. These semi-exclusive Sunbrella fabrics are only available at very select places; and per usual Sunbrella fabrics are always made with the highest quality, most durable material. Patio Lane is honored to feature them.

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