Mussel Shell from Robert Allen Drenched Color Collection

pictured above: chairs- Turn Out Mussel Shell 247269; wall- Awesome View Mussel Shell 247245

Robert Allen has been a pioneer in the fabric industry for their use of color for over 75 years. From finding inspiration all around the globe to working with mills in distant places, Robert Allen’s efforts have resulted in thousands of new and notable hues.

Their obsession with color comes to the forefront with Robert Allen’s new Drenched Color Collection. The collection is flooded by intense, saturated hues inspired by natural materials such as bark, berries, and foliage. These colors come to life when applied to a beautiful design influenced by raw production processes, such as resist dyeing and batik. A wide range of globally inspired patterns and geometric latticework make this collection undoubtedly beautiful and complete.

Within the Drenched Color Collection stands a breathtaking yet somber, purple-tinged blue appropriately called Mussel Shell. Inspired by the iridescent tones of a ocean bivalve, Mussel Shell is a sophisticated version of a childhood favorite periwinkle that balances masculine and feminine undertones. These finely tuned, mature colors are perfect for adding that pop of color to any space. For example, jazz up an office space with Hamandir - a boho-chic, caliginous pattern that brings an instant vintage twist to whatever it is applied to. Pair it with the clean polka dots of Blossom Drops and a monochromatic pattern such as Fine Chenille to get a look both trendy and grownup that you and your guests will marvel over.

Matching the Drenched Color Collection isn’t constrained to just the Mussel Shell line. Pair the Mussel Shell colors with the lush Beet colors for an even more powerful, bold statement; or the spicy orange shade of the Henna line for a warmer look.

Top designers and design studios create luxurious fabrics from France, India, and Italy that appeal to interior designers, high-end consumers and even architects. Robert Allen is one of many top quality brands that Patio Lane has to offer.

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