Add a Bench Cushion Over Built-in Cabinet Storage to Transform Your Kitchen

How a Single Bench Cushion Can Transform an Entire Room

Cushion: Sunbrella 5402-0000 Canvas Granite; Bolster pillows: Sunbrella Dip Dye Chickadee 40441-0001, Robert Allen Sunbrella IBI Ikat Silver RA-225100, Sunbrella Bevel Smoke 145098-0003

Benches are no longer just for parks and bus stops. They are becoming increasingly popular for interior designers to elevate home decors. Benches have a lot to offer and are sometimes the best choice for simple and stylish seating, especially in the kitchen. Not to mention their practicality when you incorporate built-in storage.

To accomplish this look is simple. If you have the skill and know-how to build your bench wherever you want is a huge plus. However, not everyone can claim the title of 'Bob the Builder' or has the money to hire a contractor to do it. So we must get creative.

The easiest, and perhaps the best way to make a bench is to find any hard surface that low enough to the ground and slap a bench cushion on it! When this beautiful home was renovated, the previous owners added some extra storage space right at the end of the kitchen. The new owners saw this and immediately recognized its potential for some extra seating and a place to relax throughout the day.

Using Sunbrella Canvas Granite, this large bench cushion ties the whole kitchen together in an instant. The beauty and function of this refreshed seating quickly becomes the favorite spot to unwind with a book or a place to hang out and chat with a glass of wine (because it's Sunbrella, you can drink wine care-free). Preferably while your special someone cooks up an amazing dinner.

How a Single Cushion Can Transform an Entire Room

The addition of this extra seating has more benefits than just looking good. Large families can take advantage of this great seating space as well. It’s a place that will bring your family comfortably together. The bench cushion also allows for more flexibility in conversational groups when entertaining.

If you're feeling really inspired, you could also place a stylish table and a few extra chairs to again transform the spot into a place to dine as well. The best part of adding a bench cushion to your decor is the ability to get as creative as you want. It's a smart space-saving choice, especially with the added storage underneath. Benches can be an accent piece or a statement piece. Whichever direction you go, there is no doubt there is something so cozy about bench seating in a kitchen.

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