Kids' fabric design

Pictured above left to right: Duralee Summer 21022-139; Duralee Citron 42388-677; Fabricut Discotheque-Fruiti-Tutti 1865702; Trend 03342-Red by Vern Yip 5180803; Trend 02459-Marmalade 7206303; Laura Ashley Mermaids-Lavender

Mermaids peeking out your daughter’s curtains. Elephants and alligators under your son’s covers. A mariachi marching across your children’s pillows. Your kids are going to love these fabrics! Bring your children’s playful energy and silly spirit into their bedroom and bathroom decors with these fun fabrics. Here is but a sample of some of our favorites to brighten their days and spur their imaginations:

Kids' fabric designLeft: Fabricut Elsie-Multi 3112901, Fabricut Hearts-Sky 3113102, & Fabricut Hearts-Bubble Gum 3113101. Right: Fabricut Clever Stripe-Tropical 3113905

kids' design fabric

The squiggly lines of the scribbly stripes complementing this pair of nature-focused fabrics may remind you of your child’s first doodles. Fabricut's Tanglewood Summer (left, with Nature Trail-Marmalade) and Tanglewood Marmalade (right, with Ollie Owl-Marmalade) come in colors that range from bright shades of orange and red to soft hues of blue and green.

Duralee Summer 21022-139 Decor FabricDuralee Summer 21022-139

You may often feel like your home’s ringmaster: Your kids are a bunch of clowns, the wildlife is running amok, and the line to the bathroom is never short. This fabric will make for quite the grand finale.

Fabricut Riverside-Blue 2765001 Decor FabricFabricut Riverside-Blue 2765001

Take to the high seas with a pirate’s life theme. This fabric is infused with islands and boatloads of buccaneer flying the Jolly Roger. It goes hand in hand with your child’s own swashbuckling adventures.

Fabricut Traffic Jam-Primary 3645202 Decor FabricFabricut Traffic Jam-Primary 3645202

Honk! Beep! Toot! Children are often impressed with the imposing cars and trucks they see on the road, so even though we do not enjoy bumper-to-bumper congestion, we’re sure they’ll love this Traffic Jam.

Duralee Multi 21016-215 Decor FabricDuralee Multi 21016-215

We dream of sitting beachside looking across the top of a beautiful ocean. Our kids dream of diving into the depths of the seas and interacting with the many underwater creatures it holds. Duralee Oceanview gives them their perfect ocean view, complete with octopi, turtles, fish, and coral.

Laura Ashley Mermaids-Lavender Decor Multipurpose FabricLaura Ashley Mermaids-Lavender

Laura Ashley continues this under-the-sea adventure with an assortment of mermaids (and friends) who look as if they were penned by your son or daughter’s own felt-tip marker set. (Don’t worry; you can still tell the neighbors it’s your kid's crowning achievement.)

Fabricut Freedom Dance-Rock N Roll 2766401 Decor Fabric Fabricut Freedom Dance-Rock N Roll 2766401

This fabric absolutely rocks with its anthropomorphized amphibian ensemble. Your children will surely want to fandango to the beat of this marching mariachi.

Fabricut Icing-Vanilla 3634302 Decor FabricFabricut Icing-Vanilla 3634302

This fabric features cupcakes on parade in a variety of different designs: another sweet little fabric for your little sweetie.

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