Sunbrella Exclusives

New! 53 Exclusive Sunbrella Fabric Patterns

Greet the Fall with fifty-three exciting, new Sunbrella Exclusive fabrics in nineteen beautiful patterns. Sunbrella has introduced a stunning, nature-inspired, color story to a select group of patterns that will breathe romance into your patio design. The Pantone Color Library has launched its first looks for 2015, and with Sunbrella's pretty Exclusive fabrics, now is the time to create your own backyard retreat and using these unique, specialty Sunbrella fabrics.

October 8, 2014
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Richard Frinier Fabric – Moving Forward with Tradition

When internationally acclaimed designer Richard Frinier launched his new Maison et Jardin and Origins Collections for Sunbrella, interior designers everywhere took notice. Another set of Signature Exclusives, the new Maison et Jardin and Origins collections are a sophisticated blend of vintage patterns and fresh, contemporary neutrals.

November 5, 2013
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