Two New Outdoor Fabric Collections by Richard Frinier and Sunbrella®

Because of restrictions placed on these collections, we can no longer move forward with online sales. To learn more about items like these, visit our showroom exclusives.

Frinier Origins Collection

When internationally acclaimed designer Richard Frinier launched his new Maison et Jardin and Origins Collections for Sunbrella, interior designers everywhere took notice. Another set of Signature Exclusives, the new Maison et Jardin and Origins collections are a sophisticated blend of vintage patterns and fresh, contemporary neutrals. Richard Frinier has literally woven iconic images out of techno-chic Sunbrella acrylic. Fleur de Lis, stripes and thick, chunky weaves are sunwashed, soft to the touch, and very, very classic. While Maison et Jardin (Home and Garden) is a nod to traditional French style, Origins has a wink towards Colonial American composition…with a twist. The actual Origins fabric is made Sunbrella’s Renaissance family of recycled post-industrial content.

As a designer, it is important to design what comes next while also being mindful of what came before,” Frinier says.

As we lunge towards the heart of the 21st century, the value of Sunbrella’s eco-friendly designs are exploding with luxurious fabric options. Richard Frinier has garnered the quintessential vintage palette to provide a style base for everything else. The pattern Volute is as gentle as a watercolor brushstroke. The beige foundation is lifted ever so subtly by a grey, green, brown, or blue. Another stunner in the Origins collection is Chemin Denim. The somewhat big stripe comes in denim, granite or greystone and is as classic as a pair of jeans. There will be bolder and trendier pillows and dinnerware for Chemin to contend with down the road, but Chemin will live to see dozens of New Years Eve and Fourth of July pool parties. As the new 2014 interior designer collections begin to roll out, the partnership of Richard Frinier and Sunbrella helps the industry to redefine “timeless” when it comes to design.

From his early days as a sculptor riding through Europe on a motorcycle, Richard Frinier has come full circle. Although his tools have been updated, Richard Frinier’s art is grounded in tactile experience and he never stops looking for the opportunity to kick it into high gear.

About Richard Frinier: Richard Frinier is regarded as the premier designer of indoor/outdoor furniture in the world for his design innovation and longstanding commitment to the outdoor and home furnishings industries.

About Sunbrella Renaissance: The Sunbrella Renaissance family of recycled offerings made with post-industrial content began several years ago with braided rugs and has expanded into upholstery and awning fabrics.

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Photos courtesy of Sunbrella®,, Pindler & Pindler