Dana Gibson Collection for Stroheim

Pictured above, pillows top-to-bottom: Stroheim Bombay-Orange by Dana Gibson 4756503; Stroheim Madagascar-Pink by Dana Gibson 4703805; Stroheim Madagascar-Persimmon by Dana Gibson 4703804; wallcovering: Stroheim Twig Orange 4763004 by Dana Gibson

Dana Gibson’s Décor Fabric Collection for Stroheim is not one to be overlooked. Rooted in the American South, traditional design is the basis for Dana’s style. She seeks out trends in home décor and fashion from around the world to incorporate into her designs. Her ability to blend different styles and aesthetics seamlessly plays a big role in what sets this fabric collection apart from the rest.

Dana Gibson was thrown into the deep-end of art and design at a very young age. Coming from a long line of artists, including a mother that is a painter, and grandmother that was a sculptor. Even Dana’s great-grandfather, Charles Dana Gibson, was a renowned illustrator and painter between the 17th and 18th centuries. So it is safe to say that she has creativity running through her veins.

Dana is far from living in the shadows of her artistic family. She made a name for herself when she launched her business with a line of hand sculpted porcelain 20 years ago. Her initial style and charm was picked up by major retailers including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Henri Bendel. Since then Dana has evolved, expanding her home accessories line to include everything from vases, to lighting, to decorative pillows. The pastoral style that got her noticed — such as the beautiful, fiery orange florals of Nouveau Palazzo-Persimmon — is still abound in her work today.

Don’t be fooled by Dana Gibson’s dainty floral patterns. They are for more than just a little girl’s room or your grandma’s kitchen. When displayed with robust hues like the Montenegro multi-bright pattern, they are mature, lively and exude confidence. The Parish Patch Pink/Orange is a sure way to get someone to stop in their tracks. Patches of multiple patterns and a burst of color make this a memorable fabric for anyone to enjoy. Her prints gravitate to the daring and will add a dramatic twist to the spaces they are applied to.

Patio Lane is proud to feature Dana Gibson’s fabric collection for Stroheim, as it takes us back to a traditional style mixed with bold beautiful colors. In her own words: "Nontraditional pairings is what I think New Traditional is all about." Dana’s juxtaposition of classic and modern is a signature of hers and is what makes this collection so appealing.

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