Serge Ferrari Batyline

Phifertex Plus sling

Is your patio furniture growing old and mildew? Is it turning faded and not heads? When you love the style or finish of your outside patio furniture but need new fabric or a freshened look, replacement sling fabric is the versatile and affordable DIY choice. There a few notable brands from which to choose, and here, we will reveal some elements that may help you select among them.

Textilene puts your patio furniture in the spotlight while being able to undergo the heat and block the rays. Available in a variety of soft and bright hues in solid and striped patterns, Textilene sling fabrics such as Sunsure resist fading, stay vibrant, and can endure the freezing cold and sweltering heat (withstanding temperatures as low as negative 30 degrees to as high as 110 degrees). They also block up to 92 percent of the sun’s rays, making them great awning and umbrella fabrics, too. They are mildew- and soil-resistant and durable enough to endure years of wear and tear.

Textilene Sunsure T91H5X005 Shade/Mesh Fabric
Textilene Sunsure T91NCS012 Shade/Mesh Fabric
Textilene fabrics range from the slightly psychedelic, as in Sunsure T91H5X005, to the steadfast solids, as in Sunsure T91NCS012.

Don’t let your chairs droop with permanent imprints of your bottom. Serge Ferrari Batyline sling fabrics are stretched taut to an equal 70-inch length and width through the manufacturing process, ensuring bounce back and little stretch even after years of use. This firmness in the face of repeated use makes it a popular choice in the restaurant and hospitality industries but also makes it perfectly capable of serving your busy home. Batyline, in addition, offers a soft, natural feel and an array of solid color choices while being UV- and soil-resistant and 100-percent recyclable.

Serge Ferrari Batyline - ISO 7407-5347 Sling/Mesh Fabric
Serge Ferrari Batyline - ISO 7407-5063 Sling/Mesh Fabric
Two of our more popular Batyline fabrics, ISO 7407-5347 and ISO 7407-5063, feature bright colors to add a little levity to any patio.

Are your patio seats dark with mold and reek of mildew? Many Phifertex sling-able fabrics are infused with an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing fungi and bacteria, which can slowly deteriorate your patio furniture’s fabric. This makes for a lasting outdoor textile that retains its solid color or striped design and looks good for a long time. And if your patio seats are lacking texture, Phifertex Wicker Weave offers a more natural rattan/wicker look and tactile feel.

Phifertex Plus Stripe Coastline Peacock XUM Sling / Mesh Fabric
Phifertex Jacquard EM7 Island Palms Sadat Sling / Mesh Fabric
Phifertex Coastline Peacock offers a beautiful combination of blue, teal, white, and green stripes while the Jacquard EM7 Island Palms fabric will have you feeling like your patio is awash in foliage.

Don’t rest—literally—with a fabric that feels as if it is going to break every time you take a break and purchase an exciting new sling fabric today!

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