Oscar de la Renta

Defining Elegance With Silks, Velvets and Embroidery

oscar de la renta leopard

Haute couture hits home with the Oscar De La Renta II Collection from Lee Jofa Fabrics. Detailed and elegant, 100 new exotic embroideries, floral chintz, and satin solids embrace the art of luxury decor, breaking new ground for 2015 interior fashion. For over 50 years, haute couture icon, Oscar De La Renta has filled our lives with trendsetting style, lifting our looks with romantic shoes, dresses, jewelry, and handbags. Today, Oscar De La Renta occupies a special place in our homes, pouring his passion into our draperies, sofas, and pillows.

Playful damasks, suzanis, and leopard designs splashed with sapphire and teal render a rich, happy landscape for a modern and sophisticated room. Plush prints like Pamook and Syrie offer detailed tapestry while embroidered Kuba and Felicity patterns bend towards contemporary lines and large pops of texture and color. Run your hand across the Orient velvets or Montespan satin and feel how indulgent your room will become. Frame your windows and french doors with swathes of 100% silk Brushstroke to invite a rhythm of soft movement throughout your space.

This is a very iconic collection that can live in a country house, a New York apartment or a tropical island, but always with the same connecting thread - Oscar's sense of elegance." - Lee Jofa
oscar de la renta Kuba cushions

The Oscar De La Renta II Collection taps into the lovely attributes of his first 2010 collection for Lee Jofa and expands with a 2015 palette of blues, greens, pumpkins and reds. There are a lot of gem tones balanced with earthy organics that work beautifully with florals and chinois prints.

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