Clarke & Clarke Decor Fabric

Fabrics above, top to bottom: Ava-Pink F0663-1; Hedgerow-Pink F0673-1; Corduroy Stripe-Pink F0666-2

Children often have exceptionally wild imaginations. We are here to nurture, encourage, and embrace it. Textile design duo Clarke & Clarke have brought forward an incredibly creative and imaginative Storybook Fabric collection for kids (or kids at heart). Walk through a valley of giant candies, dance in the rain with mother goose, or hitch a ride on sailboat. The Kids fabric collection is full of quirky, fun, and whimsical patterns that will inspire and amuse children of many ages.

Clarke & Clarke’s Storybook Fabric collection appeals to both girls and boys for a quiet nursery, playful children’s room and more. Various techniques are used incorporating different types of appliqué, embroidery, and prints to create delightful textures and charming color schemes. Doves is a nice textile that would work perfect in a nursery. Blue and pink doves are repeated with varying textures, making this ideal for a room with both genders.

Just in time for spring, April Showers gives you three color options, add it to a throw pillow for a comforting nap time or use it to give an old stool cushion new life. Incorporate an element of whimsy by applying Clarke & Clarke’s imaginative and fun Hedgerow print to a funky poof.

Children and adults alike can unleash their creative side with the Clarke & Clarke Storybook fabric collection. These fabrics are one of a kind and Patio Lane has them all. Check out all of our kid fabrics. Pictures don’t do these fabrics justice, so give us a call or head over to our showroom to experience these fabrics first hand. Our textile and design specialists are always happy to help jump start your creative juices.

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