Clarke and Clarke

Pictured above: sofa, ottoman, pillow: Ersilia-Raspberry F0690-6 ; table, drapes: Palette-Damson F0693-5; chair, pillow: Paola-Chintz F0694-2; gold pillows: Palette-Chartreuse F0693-1

Duralee’s New Exclusive Clarke and Clarke Collections Provoke Mix and Match Styling

Clarke and Clarke Fabrics by Duralee fabrics, boast more than 2,000 elegant wovens, embroideries, and prints that lend structure and artistic elegance to today's contemporary homes. Patio Lane is excited by the selection of ready-to-style fabrics, updated colors, and vintage patterns that are all grounded in high quality wool cotton and polyester. Wild Fern, Papillon Sunset, and Ersilia Chintz are three bold examples of how on-point Clarke and Clarke is with pairing colors. Begin with a menswear basic like Blazer Slate wool in one of six classic colorways and build your fresh purples, raspberry, and greens into layers around your room.

Classic Contemporary Clarke and Clarke

Today’s transitional home designs react so beautifully to Clarke and Clarke’s contemporary, UK flair. Clean, fresh tones balance the sleek structure of modern architecture and furniture lines. Brothers, Duncan and Lee Clarke launched their textile and wall covering business in 1999 during the worldwide housing development boom. The company built out their design studio in an historic church in rural Cheshire, England. The renovation is as remarkable as their textile venture has been. In just fifteen short years, Clarke and Clarke has produced thousands of contract and home décor fabrics that give a saucy voice to linear planes. Followers of fashion, Clarke and Clarke fabrics develops textiles that feature florals, chevrons, animal skins, and ethnic shapes that unite in both a casual and a formal setting.

Your Home is Dressed for Success

Working with Clarke and Clarke fabrics is like dressing with jeans and a smart blazer. Tried and true flannels and wool and then pairing them with hundreds of exciting, hand painted shirts, t-shirts, jewelry and shoes. Clarke and Clarke dressing a pair of blue jeans, a blazer, and a boatload of t-shirt and shoes. No two outfits look exactly alike, but each one has a similar, classic appeal.

Clarke and Clarke fills your design basics with menswear flannel, saville, hounds tooth, and tailored checks. For pillows, draperies, bedding and accessories, scroll through hundreds of beautiful velvets, stripes and florals.

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