Calvin Klein - Rock Solid Fabrics for the Home

Calvin Klein by Accident

In 1968, a 22 year old Calvin Klein opened a coat shop in New York with his close friend, Barry Schwartz and named it the Calvin Klein coat business. As the story goes, a buyer for Bonwit Teller Department Store got off the elevator on the wrong floor and ended up in Calvin Klein’s workroom where she placed an order for $50,000. Thus began the career of Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein

Today, the signature Calvin Klein look - streamlined and masculine – can be found throughout the textures and colorways of the new delightfully uncomplicated, Quartzite Collection. As if formed by nature, specs of metallic threads reflect the light, while broad swathes of sand and stone colors form the basis for 65 unique fabrics. Just like the rock itself, Calvin Klein’s Quartzite fabrics exude texture, yet they have a glassy and smooth appearance.

Not a Slave to Trends

After surviving the cultural blizzard that defined New York City in the 1970’s, Calvin Klein began his unmitigated ascent towards Design Icon. Klein’s response to the most crazy of fashion decades, was an utter rejection of everything complicated and fussy.

When they talk about Paris in the 20’s and Berlin in the 30’s, history will definitely talk about New York in the 70’s. There's just never been, in my experience, a time like it. There will never be another time like it. It was wild." - Calvin Klein from an interview in March, 1999 with Rebecca Lowethorpe for the Independent.

The Quartzite fabric collection is like a simple T-shirt and jeans outfit. It appeals to the Calvin Klein minimalistic design scheme and is revealed in patterns like Dewi and Netro Stripe. The SongKet pattern in both Sandlewood and Inca, are perhaps the most flamboyant fabrics in the Quartzite collection. Within SongKet, tiny, bronze beading is threaded occasionally along an irregular, vine-like pattern. Each fabric works in concert with the collection to define a luminous, and sophisticated effect. Metallic threads bring out the luster that defines Quartzite fabric and quartzite stone as basics in our home décor wardrobe.

Brand Name Basic

Calvin Klein Quartzite is the little black dress and gold earrings ensemble for your home. Visit Patio Lane and get ready to wiggle your toes in the sandy, sensual luxury of Calvin Klein.

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