b berger decor fabric by duralee

above left to right: Autumn 72081-132; Wasabi 3950-51; Autumn 72083-132; Blue/Turquoise 72083-41

Duralee and B. Berger Create a Sophisticated Décor Combination for Everyday Living

Punch up the volume with Patio Lane’s newest offering of high-energy collections from B. Berger and Duralee. If you think you know plaid, you haven’t seen the candy-colored plaids in periwinkle, shrimp or radish. Bold and fresh, B. Berger delivers 8 well-priced collections chock full of upholstery, multipurpose and drapery fabrics bathed in happy patterns. From florals to chevrons to medallions to animal prints, B. Berger balances brights, neutrals, and pastels to provide a well-rounded palette on which you can build a whole-home design.

When Duralee acquired B. Berger fabrics in 2012, the idea of revisiting some of the B. Berger classics with an updated pattern scale and newer palettes was on-point for the influx of very eclectic interior designs. Today, B. Berger presents 23 strong and beautiful indoor–outdoor fabrics with Greenshield finish fabric protection. Hedging towards a nautical design statement, traditional navy, gold and brown creates a dignified look for an outdoor dining room or poolside cabana.

Have fun frolicking through almost 700 B. Berger fabrics in our new Patio Lane Interior Décor catalogue. Choose a feature fabric, say Wild Side Cerise, pair it with a Teaberry or Mercury and you have a cocktail of pink-on-pink-on-grey that doesn’t draw the eye away from the furniture line, but rather gives the room just enough attitude to inspire chatter.

Similarly, try a taste of two very unique collections with similar color weights. Grab a bolt from Taffeta Weaves and Rhapsody and ignite your style, combining fiery Flame and sunny Daffodil.

Matching the tone of a room using fabrics can inspire loads of combos including an earthy, organic Sausalito joined with a buttoned-up Brighton Wovens. Expand your inspirational resources and visit Patio Lane for more design options.

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