Alexa Hampton for Kravet

Pictured above - drapes: Kravet Galena-Bluebell; bench: Kravet Tuckahoe-Linen; main pillows: Kravet Keaton-Cornflower; smaller pillows: Kravet Fairlea-Bay; throw: Kravet Boyeson-Marina

Dishing Up Extraordinary Design With New Coastal Fabrics

Patio Lane is breaking naughty with a Kravet collection of 32 sweet, warm fabrics from Alexa Hampton that are neither modern nor transitional. As new home architecture plunges headlong into contemporary, there is a fast, undercurrent flowing toward restoring old homes and recreating yesterday’s lifestyle in today’s big open floor plans. Balancing between decades, Alexa Hampton introduces aqua, blue, gold and orange to pull a hint of European flair into her decidedly classic design.

Towson Pewter, made of 100% linen is softened and stain resistant which makes for a touchable experience either in an upholstery application or drapery. Subtle cool-on-warm, color combinations are fresh with Jacquard 25317-435. Pulling tones from the sandy shores of Cape Cod and New England, Keaton Seafoam is categorically old fashioned, showing off a cute pajama pattern, softly faded into a treasured heirloom effect.

I wouldn’t call myself jaded, but nothing seems unusual anymore. My feeling is, if it’s important to the client, why not?” If you like traditional, buy as much good-quality 19th-century furniture as you can before it becomes as untouchable as pieces from the 18th century have become. I happen to love authentic 20th-century furniture too, but it’s more problematic, for reasons of preservation.”

Working from this standpoint, Alexa Hampton’s unabashed use of traditional leaves, medallions and paisleys in her patterns strikes a relevant cord as she turns the hands of the clock forward to meet this desire for 18th and 19th century furniture. As a furniture and fabric designer, Alexa begins her schematics with furniture plans, followed by fabric, and then finally by paint. Rich with mossy greens, Pattern 25275-3, is mellowed with red and pink rosettes dotted along sinewy gold and cream swirls. A detailed pattern, like 25275 can be the heirloom to a modern pillow wrapped in 20607-19 or Tuckahoe Seamist.

When you decide it’s time for a more traditional furniture style, but you aren’t quite ready to take the complete leap with your home decor, Alexa Hampton offers her refined, classic fabrics to hold your hand and take your furniture to the next step.

As we explore this luxurious, new Alexa Hampton Collection, Patio Lane is pulling out all the stops to offer more than 20,000 exciting designer fabrics from Kravet.

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