New Sunbrella 2015-2016 are here!

Pictured above left to right: Sunbrella Shore-Citron 58034-0000; Sunbrella Fretwork-Mist 45991-0000; Sunbrella Hybrid-Citrus 42076-0000; Sunbrella Reflex-Citron 145095-0000; Sunbrella Hybrid-Lime 42077-0000; Sunbrella Cabana-Citron 58026-0000; Sunbrella Fretwork-Cameo 45991-0003; Sunbrella Shore-Emerald 58035-0000

Now that our wicked winter has passed, it’s time to throw open the doors and enjoy your beautiful, custom cushions drenched in Sunbrella’s new 2015-2016 fabrics. Devastatingly handsome, the new Sunbrella fabrics offer a nod to the discerning charm of Madison Avenue in the 1960s with this stunning collection of 57 indoor/outdoor upholstery, sling, awning and shade fabrics. Once again, leading the way in outdoor upholstery fashion, Sunbrella fabrics unveil a gentleman’s suit of neutrals together with a feminine ensemble of orange, green, and yellow.

Create a Sunbrella Fabrics Story Line in Your Backyard

The handsome, clean lines of the Mid-Century Modern furniture allow for the natural woods and expensive-looking Sunbrella upholstery fabrics to take center stage in your room. Reflex Citron, Shore Flame and Token Surfside pares a popular vintage color with a bright, contemporary tint. Turn the '60s avocado, and mustard monotones into pretty Emerald and Citron Shore stripes. Want to make a really big statement this summer? Enjoy a sofa or outdoor lounger, covered in Sunbrella Token and Cabana patterns to work with your bigger, bolder lifestyle.

Enjoy a Sophisticated Sunbrella Fabrics Supper Club at Home

Sunbrella Cast pattern in Silver and Shale embrace the elegant style of an upscale, uptown restaurant. A touch of texture adds a smoky taste to the white, tan, and grey hues. Surrender to your feminine desires with Sunbrella Hybrid in 4 steamy colorways - Sky, Smoke, Citrus and Lime. Each gentle color pares well with any of the Sunbrella Sailcloth, Canvas, Linen, or Sailing staples.

Turn Sunbrella Fabrics Into Your Stay-Cation Destination

The new 2015-2016 Sunbrella upholstery fabrics offer a peek into the new design flow for Fall and Winter. This is not your grandmother’s fainting sofa anymore. Sunbrella fabrics has unleashed an elegant array of solids and stripes with just a dot of patterns to define your dreamy, outdoor escape.

Summer is right around the corner and with more than 2,000 Sunbrella fabrics to choose from, Patio Lane is ready to build out your beautiful indoor/outdoor cushions. With 9 Designer Collections, along with our Patio Lane Sunbrella Exclusive Collections, create a beautiful summer getaway.

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