1400 Stunning Kravet Guaranteed In Stock Fabrics at Patio Lane

1400 Stunning Kravet Guaranteed In Stock Fabrics at Patio Lane
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It’s No Secret - Kravet Travels Fast

Kravet Guaranteed in Stock

When Kravet Fabrics created the first Guaranteed In Stock collection of ready-to-ship fabrics, they never anticipated the deluge of designers who wanted to get their hands on velvets, jacquards, textures and stripes overnight. Patio Lane has discovered our contract designers are particularly hot for the bolder colors and high-tech stability of the Crypton-finished Kravet Guaranteed fabrics*. Every one of the more than 1400 fabrics ship direct from the warehouse within 24 hours.

Speedy Shades Combine in Clever Kravet Contract

With hundreds of colors, textures and patterns, Kravet Guaranteed in Stock fabric offers expedited shipping service for memos and cutting for approvals (CFA’s). Editing a design has never been easier, as there are so many neutrals to play with, finding the right options for your clients has never been easier. As we know, changing our minds once the rugs arrive has happened more than once. Kravet Guaranteed defies delays with quick ship turn around on your re-order.

Complete collections of neutrals, pastels and bolds allow for a well-rounded scheme. Start with a single tone - 31367 and 31373 or 31502 for example, and enjoy overlaying the dramatic drapery, pillow patterns, and rich textural fabrics for a dynamic design board.

Kravet Plays Well in Public

kravet guaranteed in stock

Contemporary styles are in big demand for hospitality and office spaces. Modern diamonds like 30063-916, or stripes 32930-312 pack a punch of color and provide a great complement to pink, purple and citrine solids. More than 1400 Kravet Guaranteed fabrics include basics such as 273 plain-cloth solids, 340 stripes and over 150 small scale prints. A kaleidoscope of colorways drape beautifully across 13 fabric design styles and 11 fabric types, ready to ship from the warehouse within 24 hours. Fresh, spring patterns like, 31382.123 and 33002.316 provide heavy duty, durability along with sensational designer looks.

Multipurpose velvet solids are soft, pliable and come in delicious aqua, pink, sand, red, and teal. Order 100 yards to ship within 7 business days or you are guaranteed a 25% manufacturer discount.

*Crypton Green fabrics by Kravet Contract offer extreme stain, moisture & microbial protection, makes it ideal for hospitality, health care and corporate environments.

March 11, 2015
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